Sports Hall Mini League

High Peak get off to a flying start…

At the first of the sports hall meetings for the 2016-17 season HPAC  delivered a fine performance and claim a well deserved second place overall in the competition.  We had a great turn out of athletes who were all keen to try their hardest and show their athletic skills, 3 of our athletes even managed to set new records in the all new sports hall facilities in Chesterfield; Elliott Archibald in the 2 lap race, Eddie Fenton & Megan Harris-Wood in their 6 lap races and the U13 boys team set a new 4×2 relay record !
First shout out has to go to the U13 boys who took a strong first place in their age group with some very impressive performances.  Byron Masterson and Eddie Fenton took the 2 lap race by storm claiming 1st & 2nd place, both went on to take another 1st place each, Byron in VHJ, also a 2nd place in shot and Eddie in 6 lap and 4th in STJ.  Frankie Heathcote took 2nd place in STJ with a great jump of 6.50m and 4th in shot. The rest of the U13 boys team all helped to contribute to the points, Gregor McGill in 6 lap, Joey Hollamby in VHJ, David Laver put in an excellent performance in the 2 lap coming 7th. The team then went on win the relay with an emphatic performance.
The U15 boys also produced some excellent results winning 2nd place overall in their age group and considering we only had 2 boys competing on the day this shows just how impressive they were.  Elliott Archibald dominated his field with two 1st places in 2 lap & 4 lap, he then competed strongly in STJ taking 3rd.  Fraser Masterson performed excellently in his events with two 3rd places in 2 lap & shot, 4th in STJ.
Not to be left behind the U11 boys also took 2nd place overall in their age group. with all 4 boys: Sam McGill, Boris Holiday,Thomas Johnson and Morgan Baker all contributing points for their team. They too finished an impressive 2nd place in the relay.
The girls were to show the boys that they too could deliver some very strong performances.
In the U11 girls age group we had a very impressive 7 competitors, our strongest turn out and considering it was the first time for some of them competing, they all did extremely well, they too took 2nd place overall in their age group.  Freyer Hatcher had an excellent day, 1st in chest pass, 2nd in STJ & 3rd in the 1 lap race.  Marrissa Jackson took 2nd in chest push,(along side Freyers 1st) & 6th in VHJ. Courtney Limer displayed her determination to get 3rd in 2 lap & 4th in VHJ.  Alice Tolley had two strong performances claiming 4th place in both 1 lap & 2 lap races.  Eva-Jane Berry also contributed to the team points, coming 5th in STJ.
U13 girls took 3rd overall, again we only had 4 girls competing on the day but they all pushed themselves to get some truely excellent results.  Megan Harris-Wood had two very close finishes in her 2 lap & 6 lap races, she took 1st in the 6 lap, but narrowly missed out for 2nd in the 2 lap! she also got 2nd place in the STJ. Katie Taylor perform strongly on the day, winning points for the team in all 3 events, she took 2nd in shot, 7th in 2 lap & 9th in VHJ.  Nell Tolley pushed herself hard in the 6 lap and got herself a very impressive 3rd place, she came 9th in STJ.  Bella Anderson worked hard for her team claiming points in shot & VHJ, finishing 8th & 11th.
Finally the U15 girls. who finished 3rd overall.  We had a team of 5 girls, 3 of which are fairly new to athletics and have never competed in a sports hall competition before! so the results they got are really very impressive.  Sosseh Badjie ran an excellent race to come joint 2nd in the 2 lap, she looked very impressive in the 4 lap and finished 3rd, she was 10th in VHJ.  all the other girls worked really hard to gain points for the team, Shannon Arden in VHJ & shot, Charlotte Sweetmore in the 2 lap, Amiee Sweetmore in Shot and Sasha Scragg in 4 lap.
The whole team displayed an excellent attitude on the day not only by getting such amazing results but also by showing great team spirit, encouraging and supporting each other.
We are now looking forward to Sunday 23 October were we hopefully we can repeat the excellent results.

Full results from the competition can be found here

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